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SOUND: Orchestre Poly-Rythmo

Meet Orchestre Poly-Rythmo. This band hails from West African country of Benin and is signed to the legendary Strut Records. They have been around for decades and after taking a 20-year hiatus, the band switched up their lineup, and  just this week released their album, Cotonou Club .  See, this week has been a long hectic week for me…and it’s not even over yet! So this specific track I’m listening to called Pardon, is giving me just the right amount of horns and drums I needed to stir my spirit and get me amped and excited about the impending weekend. To listen to more of the album go here.

Happy Thursday!



SOUND: Tinariwen

I am really quite sad that I am not at Bonnaroo watching all the performances and getting to see such an eclectic assortment of musicians, but there is always next year. Hey, maybe I’ll even get to be a part of it one day, who knows! Till then, check out this Malian band I came across called Tinariwen, who performed at Bonnaroo.