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Sonic Goodies: Chocolate City Soul Revue Official Mix

Now, I am a huge James Brown fan and a lover of all things related to soul music, so when I first heard about the upcoming Chocolate City Soul Revue event on June 4th at DAR Constitution Hall, I knew I had to go.  So imagine how much more certain and excited I was about going when I got this really amazing soul mix via Lunchboxtheory Productions in support of this upcoming Chocolate City Soul Revue event. Let’s take a look at what they wrote:

In anticipation for the massive soul show, Chocolate City Soul Revue, coming to DC on June 4th, DJ Pari  and Mr. Fenty decided to give us a tease by creating an hour long funky fresh mixtape full of rare soul grooves. DJ Pari, founder of SoulPower has an extensive history delving into the depths of funk and soul when starting out as a DJ in Germany in his teens, Now a master producer and DJ, Pari plays almost exclusively rare Soul and Funk 45s and he has performed in clubs and at festivals across the world. Mr. Fenty has a love for records and started collecting rare soul records from a young age.  Together with DJ Pari they created one of the most popular radio shows of its kind in the global Soul scene.   There is nothing like a little funk and soul to put a hop, skip, and a jump into your day.


Check out The Impressions, the reunion of James Brown’s Orginial Funky Diva, Eli “Paperboy” Reed, DJ Pari and Mr. Fenty at DAR Constitution Hall on June 4th. (More information about the event here)

Take a good listen to this soulful funky mix and mark your calendars, this is surely an event you don’t want to miss!



Georgia Ann Muldrow

I came across Georgia Ann Muldrow while searching for some new singers to be inspired by and I heard her King’s Ballad and it was like she sang out my emotions about the passing of the late and forever great Michael Jackson. She has this old soulful voice and playfully sings over some funky beats. She sings about various matters whether it be blackness, spirituality, music and heritage. Check out her music here.

Corinne’s The Sea

Corinne Bailey Rae is back. I liked her when she first came out few years ago but this time I have become even more of a fan. She is trying out different sounds this time which is why I am falling in love with this album. The first time she was more folky-pop and clean with the tracks but this time you can hear there is more production and instrumentation which is good progression for her to take her music towards.The lyrics are just as sweet and genuine as her first go around but I think what differentiates this from last time is that it isn’t just her and the guitar anymore and the stories are more soulful and speak of a wistful kind of love. Make sure you  check out her new album, The Sea. Also, make sure you go visit her official site here.