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THIRD MONDAYS-February 2011



This psychedelic all-girl quartet came together in 2004, then went on to release their first LP, Exquisite Corpse, in 2007. Their initial LP garnered much praise and attention, eventually landing them a record deal. They followed that up in 2010 with the release of The Fool. Take a listen to one of their songs, Undertow here.

2. !!! (also called chk chk chk)

This is a dance-punk band from Sacramento, CA. They are comprised of former members of various other local bands from Sacramento who were part of the dance punk scene there during the late 90s. Since their formation, they have released several albums and at numerous festivals, even securing a slot in this year’s Coachella. Take a listen to the band’s music here.



Thao Nguyen, a Falls Church, VA native, started dabbling in music while she was a young kid learning the guitar. During her college years while working on her solo EP she met drummer Willis Thompson, and soon enough they added two other musicians creating the group as we see it now. The band’s music is classified as alternative folk but they do draw inspiration and sounds from country, early soul and jazz. Take a listen to their music here.


4. KELE (of Bloc Party)

Kelechukwu “Kele” Rowland Okereke is a Nigerian-English singer-songwriter. He is the lead singer of the band Bloc Party but also performs as a solo artist.  After the band took a hiatus in 2008, Kele released his first solo effort called The Boxer in June 2010. I listened to two of his tracks called Tenderoni and Everything You Wanted and instantly loved them. Watch the video for both here:



This french music group came to be in 2003, creating music that mixes new wave and bossa nova. They often have various singers collaborate with them on their albums to create unique songs and introduce new styles to their albums. Take a listen to their music here.



This Miami duo came together in 2006 creating avant-garde dance music. By 2009, they had managed to create quite a strong buzz and this coming year in 2011 they are slated to perform at the legendary Glastonbury Festival. Take a listen to their music here.


7. Mumford & Sons

This is an English folk rock band that formed in 2007 and since then has gained much critical praise and grown a pretty strong fan base. Take a listen to them here.



She is a folk singer-songwriter. She use to be part of the original line-up in Noah and the Whale but embarked on her own musical journey in 2008. Take a listen to some of her music here.


Hope you enjoyed this month’s edition of THE ECLECTIC EIGHT.