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Sonic Goodies: Chocolate City Soul Revue Official Mix

Now, I am a huge James Brown fan and a lover of all things related to soul music, so when I first heard about the upcoming Chocolate City Soul Revue event on June 4th at DAR Constitution Hall, I knew I had to go.  So imagine how much more certain and excited I was about going when I got this really amazing soul mix via Lunchboxtheory Productions in support of this upcoming Chocolate City Soul Revue event. Let’s take a look at what they wrote:

In anticipation for the massive soul show, Chocolate City Soul Revue, coming to DC on June 4th, DJ Pari  and Mr. Fenty decided to give us a tease by creating an hour long funky fresh mixtape full of rare soul grooves. DJ Pari, founder of SoulPower has an extensive history delving into the depths of funk and soul when starting out as a DJ in Germany in his teens, Now a master producer and DJ, Pari plays almost exclusively rare Soul and Funk 45s and he has performed in clubs and at festivals across the world. Mr. Fenty has a love for records and started collecting rare soul records from a young age.  Together with DJ Pari they created one of the most popular radio shows of its kind in the global Soul scene.   There is nothing like a little funk and soul to put a hop, skip, and a jump into your day.


Check out The Impressions, the reunion of James Brown’s Orginial Funky Diva, Eli “Paperboy” Reed, DJ Pari and Mr. Fenty at DAR Constitution Hall on June 4th. (More information about the event here)

Take a good listen to this soulful funky mix and mark your calendars, this is surely an event you don’t want to miss!



Sonic Goodies: Africa Undone

In celebration of their 2 year anniversary party tomorrow, the Lunchboxtheory crew have released a new mix called, Africa Undone, and did a revamp of their site.  I have to say it is definitely my favorite mix thus far. I couldn’t help but dance in my chair as I sat listening late into the night. Take a listen for yourself here:


So make sure you listen to the mix and prep real good for the party tomorrow night at Bossa Lounge in Adams Morgan. Also, be prepared to listen to the delicatable sounds of Heturu and the hypnotizing mixes of Dj Underdog and Dj Camjus. Also word is, there will be delicious homemade treats for everyone!

See you there!


Sonic Goodies: Africa Africa Africa pt. 4

In the past I have often talked about the greatness that is Afrobeat and the monthly parties hosted by the Lunchboxtheory duo and even posted few of their previous mixtapes. Well coupled with last month’s party, they finally have blessed us with yet another one to kick off 2011 right. Here’s a little description to go with the mixtape:

DJ Underdog lives up to every promise his fans request, “Africa Africa Africa 4” mixes Afrobeat, Soulful House, worldly percussion, rock, funk, oddball sound effects, a touch of African lounge, Latin Jazz, and some hints of tropicalia with moombahton. DJ Underdog chose to collaborate with long time friend and acclaimed moombahton producer DJ Cam Jus, on a guest mix toward the end.

“This is Africa Africa Africa 4! A Musical collage of many peoples. . .it comes from Africa and all walks in between, from the South Seas and from Asia.”

“This mixtape is personal because I am genre less when it comes to moving the crowd” says Underdog. Indeed, conceptual continuity is the order of the day! Vibe with these musical treats – and please don’t tell the children that no known species of reindeer can fly!! DJ Underdog cooked this tight to get you in the right mind, and should be back quite soon with some African psybeat delicatessens.

We’ve been asked for some smooth mixes, here’s a part of our answer…


Hope you enjoy the mixtape and make sure to check out their website to learn more about their events!


Sonic Goodies: Singles Awareness Day Mixtape

There is an awful lot of people making an awful lot of money off of a superstitious holiday in February that we all have come to call Valentine’s Day. I sound a bit cold and cynical but let’s be real, you spend an absurd amount of  your hard earned money on impressing your significant other and reassuring them they matter to you…or well some of you do…and let’s be real, you probably should have been doing that all along. And for the rest, it’s become a day where the whole world feels the need to remind you that you’re single, but also that maybe you should be upset about it..and for those in this group it’s really become Singles Awareness Day. So in honor and also as a way of say a big F-U (…literally when you see the album artwork!) to the holiday by celebrating your singledom, Modi of DCtoBC has put together their annual S.A.D. mixtape containing 31 of the smoothest tracks covering all the aspects of love, infatuation and heartache.

Download Here!

Also, Rock Creek Social Club is throwing their usual Tuesday party at Recess in DC but extending the holiday and making it a Singles Awareness Day Party. If you’ve ever been to this weekly Tuesday party then you know how much fun it is, but I have a feeling this Tuesday will definitely be one not to miss!


Sonic Goodies!


Here are a few mixtapes worth checking out this holiday season to help you end 2009 the right way:


Following their successful event last week, Lunchbox theory Productions and DURKL present their EAT YOUR VEGETABLES mixtape. Mastered by DJ Underdog himself. Audible goodies you don’t want to miss out on hearing! Click  here to download.


Badomedia presents Cerumentalism Volume 01.  This is what you need to listen to when you are deep into the holiday spirit and want a nice eclectic mix to ring in the new year. Click here to download.


Monday Jazz brings us a deliciously syrupy mixtape, Waiting for the Winter, that will help ease us into and through this frigid winter. I came across this while surfing Blind I, which itself has an extensive collection of music, but this one mixtape really stood out to me. Click here to download.


Hope you enjoyed these mixtapes! Let me know what you think!