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SOUND: Riva Starr & Noze

Meet Riva Starr.

Meet Noze.

Both electro indie groups, the former hailing from the UK and the latter from France. They collaborated back in late 2010 for the song, I was drunk and made a great video featuring one mustached baby. Check out more of their music here and here and check out the video for I was drunk:




1. White Denim

Rock band hailing from Texas with psychedelic and dub elements. They actually even remind me a bit of The Strokes but minus the English accents. Check out their music here.



A trio of twenty-something musicians from Worcester, MA released their first album, Sun Bronzed Greek Gods, a little under a year ago and have garnered quite the buzz from various critics and music heads. Here is an interview they did during the release of their album with Pitchfork. Check out some of the band’s music here.


3. James Blake

I think it’s safe to say I am a bit late to get on this bus but definitely better late than never. I heard and saw the video for his song, “Limit to Your Love” and fell in love with his voice and words. He has a new album coming out on Feb. 7th which you should definitely go out and get. In the meantime, check out the video for “Limit to Your Love” here:


4. Mount Kimbie

This is an jazz, dub, electronic duo from England. They met while attending university and began a new movement they called “post-dubstep”. They have garnered a steady following the release of 2 EPs and especially with their first album, Crooks and Lovers (2010). Check out their music here.



I came across him while looking for new Flying Lotus music, as it happens they are friends. They have clearly a similar sound but Kutmah has a more dub-heavy sound. Also side-note, as it turns out after some unfortunate turn of events he now permanently resides in the UK, there’s even a site dedicated to getting him back state-side setup by his fans & friends, check it out here. Check out his music here.


6. Jamie T

An English singer-songwriter who just won last year’s NME Best Solo Artist Award. His last album, Kings & Queens, received solid reviews and praise. Check out a few songs from that album here.


7. Y△CHT

This dub, pop duo is from Portland. They have two other musicians who occasionally work with them increasing group to about four members. They not only focus on the sonic value of their group but the visual and aesthetic elements of their music and especially their performances. Check out their video for Summer Song here:


8. The Chapin Sisters

This folk-pop duo is comprised of sisters, Abigail and Lily Chapin and their half-sister, Jessica Craven (daughter of director Wes Craven). Abigail and Lily’s father is legendary folk singer, Tom Chapin. They gained attention by doing an acoustic version of Britney Spears, Toxic and from there begun their music careers with the release of their first LP, Lake Bottom LP. Take a listen to their music here.


Hope you enjoyed this month’s THE ECLECTIC EIGHT!


José González

Meet José González. A Swedish folk singer of Argentine descent. He has this psychedelic soothing sound to his music that would be great for getting through the work week or even while on a car trip to the nearest beach.  I came across him over at NPR where they were streaming his entire new album, Fields, due to be released Sept. 14th.

Check out one of his earlier tracks called Teardrop below:

If you want to hear his new album go here.

Hope you enjoyed his music! If you want to follow his work more go here.


THIRD MONDAYS-August Edition

The Eclectic Eight


I came across this UK band’s video “Keep an Open Mind” and loved it so much I knew that I wanted to definitely include it in this month’s The Eclectic Eight. Check out the video below and make sure you go and listen to more of their music here.


2)Jessica Six

I came across this group while looking up Nomi, who happens to be the lead and singer of this dance trio. Check out their video for the their song, Fun Girl, below and if you want to hear more of their music go here.


3) Anthony Hegarty

I came across Anthony while perusing The Fader and heard this track below called, Thank you for your love, off of his new album, Swanlights. I love the way he sings on the song and the dramatic nature of the record. Imagine a dark moodier version of Boy George. Make sure you check out more of his and his band’s, Anthony and the Johnsons, work here.


4)Hiro Kone

I came across this duo and took a listen specifically to their song, (((((•))))) original natives version by Hiro Kone. This specific song has a psychedelic ethnic dance sound to it that will really have you in a trance.  Check out the track above as well as her other music here.



First thing that comes to mind is The Beatles. Definitely a more grungier looking version but the sound and songs remind me of The Beatles, and that accent doesn’t help either. Check out their video for You & Me below and for more of their music go here.



This group was formed in Vancouver in 1996 and since then, has developed their own sound and fan base with about 11 albums under their belt. Their music has been showcased in some of the top fashion houses. They had a sound that made me think of Donna Summers meets David Bowie. Check out one of their more famous songs, Digtial Versiculor, below and more of their music here.



This trio hails from Portland formed in 2002 and signed to Italians Do It Better label five years later. Since formation and up until now they have released about three albums and reportedly working on releasing their fourth.  Check out more of their music here.



She is a New Jersey-born but Atlanta-based experimental soul artist. She has been releasing music for over a decade now and is slowing gaining  a strong following over those years. Check out more of her work here.


I hope you enjoyed this month’s edition of The Eclectic Eight. Make sure you support all of these artists !


Red Directors

Meet the Red Directors.Since 2004, this indie band, formed in New York and still currently based in Brooklyn, has been creating quite the strong following all along the east coast. Over the years, the band has released four albums and now currently pushing their fifth album, Wave It In.  Off of their new album, Wave It In, the current new single is Naked in the Kitchen. When I heard this specific song it reminded me of the type of music I’d expect to hear on a film soundtrack, an indie or even coming-of-age comedy of sorts.  Also their  vocals sound very Beach Boys-esque in the way they are harmonizing and floating on top of the instrumentals. The band’s sound is a mixture of rock, pop, and punk; similar bands that come to mind would be The Kooks and Vampire Weekend.

Here are a few tracks off of the new album, specifically their new single, Naked in the Kitchen and one of my album favs, After Sunday, for you to take a listen to for yourself:

Naked in the Kitchen

After Sunday

Also, make sure to go check out the Red Directors site, read more about the band and take a listen to a few of their other albums. Drop me a note below and let me know what you think!




1)La Kinky Beat

Reggae. Drum & Bass. Latin. Dub. All those found in this group’s music. The group is from Barcelona and started initially as a routine jam session between different smaller musical groups and emerged into one collective band consisting of  about six members.  If you want to read more about the band go here. Otherwise, go here, and listen to their music.



A french experimental hip-hop beatmaker. His works have been selected for some major campaigns such as the Beijing Olympics and with several EPs and Albums under his belt, there are surely even more great things to come. Check out this video clip of one of his songs called I wanna go back:


3) Fol Chen

Signed to Asthmatic Kitty records, this LA-based indie pop band has garnered a pretty strong following. Check out more information about the group here. Also take a look at one of their videos below:


4) Mux Mool

Brooklyn-based musician, Brian Lindgren, originally from Minnesota, through his various travels collected and sampled various records and music and began to mix and sample spreading it to the masses under the name Mux Mool. Check out more of his music here and also make sure to check out this video of one specific song, Night Court.


5) Wave Machines

I found this English band while surfing online and found this one upbeat pop song of theirs catchy. Plus I played it so many times trying to figure out what the hell they were saying in the hook. Catchy beat and interesting lyrics. It works. To read more about the band go here. Check out their video for their song ” Go Go Go”


6) Friendly Fires

Another band I got hooked onto just off their videos alone. Catchy lyrics and beats that make you want to dance. Read more on the band here and check out their video for Skeleton Boy below:


7) The Kooks

Another English band to add to this month’s list; this group was formed in 2004 and got signed with Virgin Records just 3 months after and been working away since. Read more about the band here and check out their video, Always where I need to be


8  ) The Dangerous Summer

*DMV* Maryland based band formed in 2006. They had their first studio album released in 2009 and their second one is slated for a 2011 release. Read more about them here. Check out their music here.


Hope you enjoyed this month’s THE ECLECTIC EIGHT.


Cassettes Won’t Listen

Meet Jason Drake. The one-man indie rock and electronica band of Cassettes Won’t Listen. Drake has released several EPs, singles and compliation albums and even done remixes for other notable artists. Read more about him here. Check out two of his songs, Where did we go and Paper Float below:


Fleet Foxes

I really like folk music. I feel like we forget about that genre, among many others, many a times. There are some really beautiful folk singers and well-written songs. While doing some folk music hunting, ( I am actually looking for instrumentals…for free ideally…that I can DL but if it costs, I’d still get it, so if you know of where I can get one let me know!) Anyways, here is this indie folk band I came across called Fleet Foxes. They have beautiful voices, harmonizing all up and down this one song called Blue Ridge Mountains in the video below. They have plenty other songs and have had two albums released since 2006, describing their style as not just folk but more of ” baroque harmonic pop jams”. They are really quite good, play instruments, and with those angelic voices of theirs, definitely can’t lose. Take a look at this video for yourself:


Fiery Crash

Ever heard of Andrew Bird? I came across him while perusing lastfm…seriously imeem’s demise or rather I mean merger with myspace has led me straight into arms of lastfm and I have been quite content I must say. Anywho, that’s not point of this post. I am writing to tell you that you need to go check out Andrew and especially his song called Fiery Crash. Although the track is from few years back, the whole point of listening and watching below is so you can really see that the man is quite a talented artist; I mean who do you know that can play the mandolin, glockenspiel, violin, guitar and that’s just to name a few! So take a look at the video below for the song Fiery Crash and drop me a note below and let me know what you think!



If you are an indie designer or supporter of of indie fashion then I have found the site for you. You will be very very happy you read through what I am about to explain to you:

If you are a fashion fiend, like myself then you will understand how difficult it is sometimes to keep up with latest trends and not go broke! Also, you must understand how it feels to want to get your hands on new fresh designer’s works so that you can have that limited edition look, that dress that you know noooooot one person will likely have wherever you go…well I just learned of a site where you can not only learn and be up on all indie fashion designers but you can actually watch their progress and vote for them to actually have their lines produced and available to us all. Meet UsTrendy.

You may be a designer yourself, or have a friend who has some really great sketches or design ideas lying around but haven’t figured out where to showcase your work or rather how to…well this is the place for you. UsTrendy was started by one man, Sam Sisakhti, and his decision to provide a larger outlet, greater access and more mobility for many indie designers who deal with the frustrations and rigidness of the mainstream fashion industry. He also understand how important it was that the  site was not just for the designers, its also for buyers and fashion aficionados as well, because you get to browse through all the designers works and then be a part of the selection process for their works to get pushed ahead for actual production and promotion that UsTrendy provides to the designers. For instance, this past year, thanks to UsTrendy, one of the designers managed to get their own runway show at London Fashion Week!

So, again, here is the link to their site. If you are a true fashion junkie, this site should automatically be bookmarked and you should definitely take the time to visit and browse the 400,000+designs on there and do some voting while you’re at it!

Also, make sure you check out previous SIGHT posts on fashion on here and stay tuned for more!