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SOUND: Riva Starr & Noze

Meet Riva Starr.

Meet Noze.

Both electro indie groups, the former hailing from the UK and the latter from France. They collaborated back in late 2010 for the song, I was drunk and made a great video featuring one mustached baby. Check out more of their music here and here and check out the video for I was drunk:





I heard of Katie Stelmanis via The Fader and her song The Beat and the Pulse. She is a classically-trained Toronto-based musician. Check out her music here.


2. Vanessa Da Mata

Lately I  have been developing routine of listening to jazz and/or classical music so I was fortunate enough to listen to her via lastfm because of that. Although she sings in Portuguese, her voice is captivating enough to make you sit through any song of hers, even you have no idea what she may be saying. Check out her music here.


3. David E Beats

I came across David’s video with White House Band called Bond Song and knew instantly he had to make this month’s list. Also as it turns out he just was in the DMV this past weekend for Rap Rocks DC event.



This young UK alternative hip/hop artist and producer has been working quite hard to develop a solid fanbase and reach across Europe and now setting his eyes on the States. He has a new EP called, Eye Paint Words, that just came out, that you can download here. Check out more of his music here.


5.Hisham Bharoocha

He is a visual artist, photographer and a musician. He initially started his music career with the group Black Dice but then went on to doing his own project called Soft Circles than released his first official album last year under Post Present Medium (PPM) label. Check out his music here.



She is a UK experimental soul singer. She has solid production and vocals on her recent album, Turn that light out. Take a listen for yourself here.


7.Jack Cheshire

Cheshire is an English folk singer of songs with intricate lyrics and psychedelic production. He just released an album called, Allow it to Come On. Take a listen to a few of the tracks for yourself here then do yourself a favor and go and buy the album!


8.James Yuill

Yuill is a UK electro folk singer. He is a one-man band signed to the Moshi Moshi record label. His first album, Turning Down Water for Air was released in late 2008 and has since released several singles and working on a follow-up album. Check out his music here.


Hope you enjoyed this month’s edition of THE ECLECTIC EIGHT.



The Eclectic Eight

1) VV Brown

I came across this singer/songwriter instantly loved her voice and her catchy pop-ish songs. Listen to two of her songs off her latest album, Traveling Like the Light, called, Game Over and Everybody.


2) Khadafi Dub

HW is a Philly based musician who initially started out in Hip/Hop and slowed transitioned himself into the world of dub-step. Read more about his evolution as an artist here and check out the video below for one of his latest tracks called, Water, with Mt Eden Dubstep :


3) Noah and The Whale

I came across this group thanks to a friend of mine and it definitely is a fitting band to listen to with all this weather change. I really liked their song, Give a Little Love, and after checking out their site, I found this short film they made called The First Days of Spring:



I heard of this artist after she came across Shade and sent me some of her music. She really has some great music and a really great story too! A few years back she moved to LA from Russia and worked hard on creating a name and fan base for herself. Check out her newest single, G.F.Y. and more of her music can be found here.


5) The Scribblenauts

Another group who reached out and I found their story, hunger, and love for hip/hop really interesting. Check out more of their music here. Here is one track off their recently released EP, “Low Light Turbulence”:


6) Eprom

I came across him via The Fader . I heard one specific track called Dirty Diamonds feat. Sleepyhead and ended up listening to it on repeat several times. It’s that additively good.  This Bay Area music has elements of electronica, dubstep and a little hip/hop even…simply put, it’s just a sexy track. Check out his last EP called RobotSexTape:


7)Neil Landstrumm

He is a Scottish dj/producer who does mainly grime, dub-step and techno music. Few of his tracks are on the psychedilic side too. Check out the track called, Sniff and Destroy below:


8 ) Paloma Faith

This soulful UK singer has the delicate looks of a 40’s glamor girl but the vocals and draw of a seasoned soul singer. She is currently finishing up a lengthy tour in support of her first album, meanwhile working on her second album slated to be released the first quarter of 2011. Check out her song called New York feat Ghostface Killah:


I hope you enjoyed this month’s edition of THE ECLECTIC EIGHT . Here are previous month’s editions and stay tuned for other posts in the future.


Delorean’s Stay Close


West coast musicians, Banana Clipz, remixed spanish alternative band, Delorean, new song called “Stay Close” and created this energetic track:

Hope you like it!




Came across this duo when I was listening to remixes of different songs, most recently it was I Decided by Solange Knowles (who by the way had a really great album).I thought to myself, how in the world was it I had never heard of these guys or at least not known of them prior…well turns out I had…unknowingly. These two English producers came together. Formed a dance band. Decided to also on the side remix just about every top pop artist’s album you could think of…i.e. Beyonce, Kylie Minogue, Tina Turner, Faith Evans and more. They have released few of their own albums in the past and word is they have a new one slated to be released this year. Unsurprisingly, they have a stronger following overseas but I think overtime they will win over more American listeners.

Just to give you an idea of their sound and previous work they have done, check out these videos (few of them you are probably familiar with already):

remember this??

Okay that should be good for now. When their new stuff surfaces, I’ll make sure to share.









Cheap Monday






Chris Benz





Snake Skin Knuckle Duster Necklace in Red


Faux Cazal Clear Frames


Combo & Combobella


Cr8tive Recreation




Cross Colours



Complex – What’s not to love about this magazine/website. Great covers. Edgy, fashionable and innovative. Started by designer Mark Ecko; this site is really great and I am glad its one of the few mag sites that survived last year. Heavy emphasis on Music and Fashion. Definitely on the urban-side but they’ll surprise you from time to time. Check out the site and go buy a copy of the magazine too!

NYLON – I was introduced to this magazine by few friends of mine last year. I really like their angle. Its all fashion but with a slightly indie feel. It’s not like Vogue where it’d be all about haute couture and high fashion, but this mag/site is more about up&coming designers and labels that are fresh and purchasable for us regular folks.

Current – This is actually a TV network but they also have a good website. I am obsessed with this channel. A really great friend of mine told me about it awhile ago but it was not until recently that I finally took a minute to check it out. So finally last week I did and I have been watching hours of it every day/night….all week. There are soooo many different shows and news stories. From following Mos Def in Japan, to the Viewer Content (VC) short films where freelancers from all over the world create, produce/direct and submit their own newstories, to clips on social/foreign issues. A media outlet for the liberal-minded that a even a conservative could learn to love. If you are an aspiring writer, journalist, director/producer, and even actor/comedian, and social media genius, this is a site and network you should definitely check out!


I hope you liked the designers/labels listed above. If you are a designer yourself, please email at editor.shademagazine@gmail.com and tell me about your work! Also lookout for a special DMV fashion piece next month!

Stay tuned folks, tons more to come!



Ayo - Joyful - Front

 I love discovering new sounds. So when I came across Ayo, I knew I needed to share her music with as many people as I could. She is an Afro-German guitar-strumming, afro-funk/soul songstress. She has a slight accent and it makes her voice sound amazing over the reggae beats. Her lyrics are reminiscent of  a young Carly Simon: songs about womanhood, love and loss. Her debut album went double-platinum in Europe and then the album was released, via Interscope Records,  in 2007. Late 2008, she released her second album, Gravity at Last in France and embarked on a concert all throughout Europe.

I remember seeing this video not too long ago on MTV2 and thought oh another afro-centric, guitar-strumming, bluesy-sounding singer has come along…but she is completely different.She is that and more. Here’s an official video for song off her debut album:

Listen to Gravity at Last here: 




Gravity at Last by Ayo 



Hope you enjoy it as much as I did. Let me know what you think. More discoveries to come!