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This pop-folk duo has been generating pretty good buzz for the past few years. Each musician bringing her own aesthetic and sound to create an interesting balance between folk, pop and rock. They have a new album coming out on the 26th of this month and luckily NPR is live streaming it so definitely take a second and check out their music here.



I came across this experimental pop group from Michigan and instantly loved their songs Make a Plan and Mighty Cloud. Check out their music here.



She is a Parisian one-woman band creating house and experimental pop music  Take a listen to some of her music here.


4. kIM NOVAk

An indie French band of boys  with a woman’s name as their group name, making pop music. Got it? Okay good, now go check out their music here.



He is a Jamaican UK-bred lounge, electronica and R&B musician. He intially started out in a music group during late 90s but as of late embarked on a solo mission. Take a listen to his music here.



Baker is a breathy folk acoustic-guitar playing singer. She has released a few albums since 2004, most recently being this year’s Seagull. Take a listen for yourself here.



She is a Grammy nominated Brazilian singer who comes from a well-known musically inclined family. She has been working on her music for quite some time and although she isn’t Indie in the traditional sense, I think too often in the states we overlook too many great international musicians. So take a second a listen to her music here.



I came across this indie folk singer and songwriter and instantly loved his song, Your Name No More. He has this bluesy quality to his famous that reminds me of a Amos Lee or Ben Harper. Take a listen to his music for yourself here.


I hope you enjoyed this month’s edition of THE ECLECTIC EIGHT. Make sure to check out each respective musician’s sites and support their music.



SOUND: Riva Starr & Noze

Meet Riva Starr.

Meet Noze.

Both electro indie groups, the former hailing from the UK and the latter from France. They collaborated back in late 2010 for the song, I was drunk and made a great video featuring one mustached baby. Check out more of their music here and here and check out the video for I was drunk:



1. White Denim

Rock band hailing from Texas with psychedelic and dub elements. They actually even remind me a bit of The Strokes but minus the English accents. Check out their music here.



A trio of twenty-something musicians from Worcester, MA released their first album, Sun Bronzed Greek Gods, a little under a year ago and have garnered quite the buzz from various critics and music heads. Here is an interview they did during the release of their album with Pitchfork. Check out some of the band’s music here.


3. James Blake

I think it’s safe to say I am a bit late to get on this bus but definitely better late than never. I heard and saw the video for his song, “Limit to Your Love” and fell in love with his voice and words. He has a new album coming out on Feb. 7th which you should definitely go out and get. In the meantime, check out the video for “Limit to Your Love” here:


4. Mount Kimbie

This is an jazz, dub, electronic duo from England. They met while attending university and began a new movement they called “post-dubstep”. They have garnered a steady following the release of 2 EPs and especially with their first album, Crooks and Lovers (2010). Check out their music here.



I came across him while looking for new Flying Lotus music, as it happens they are friends. They have clearly a similar sound but Kutmah has a more dub-heavy sound. Also side-note, as it turns out after some unfortunate turn of events he now permanently resides in the UK, there’s even a site dedicated to getting him back state-side setup by his fans & friends, check it out here. Check out his music here.


6. Jamie T

An English singer-songwriter who just won last year’s NME Best Solo Artist Award. His last album, Kings & Queens, received solid reviews and praise. Check out a few songs from that album here.


7. Y△CHT

This dub, pop duo is from Portland. They have two other musicians who occasionally work with them increasing group to about four members. They not only focus on the sonic value of their group but the visual and aesthetic elements of their music and especially their performances. Check out their video for Summer Song here:


8. The Chapin Sisters

This folk-pop duo is comprised of sisters, Abigail and Lily Chapin and their half-sister, Jessica Craven (daughter of director Wes Craven). Abigail and Lily’s father is legendary folk singer, Tom Chapin. They gained attention by doing an acoustic version of Britney Spears, Toxic and from there begun their music careers with the release of their first LP, Lake Bottom LP. Take a listen to their music here.


Hope you enjoyed this month’s THE ECLECTIC EIGHT!


Cassettes Won’t Listen

Meet Jason Drake. The one-man indie rock and electronica band of Cassettes Won’t Listen. Drake has released several EPs, singles and compliation albums and even done remixes for other notable artists. Read more about him here. Check out two of his songs, Where did we go and Paper Float below:


Georgia Ann Muldrow

I came across Georgia Ann Muldrow while searching for some new singers to be inspired by and I heard her King’s Ballad and it was like she sang out my emotions about the passing of the late and forever great Michael Jackson. She has this old soulful voice and playfully sings over some funky beats. She sings about various matters whether it be blackness, spirituality, music and heritage. Check out her music here.

Theo Parrish

Theo Parrish is a house/electronica dj born in DC, grew up in Chicago and went on to make his name out in Detroit. He is currently signed to british indie label, Peacefrog Records, (same one as Little Dragon). The DMV was blessed with his presence this past weekend as part of the EightyEight DC‘s Forward Festival, a five-night electronic music events showcase here in the DMV. The spot was at the T&T up on Georgia Ave, a surprisingly spacious spot with two floors and really great sound when the music is thumping throughout the entire place. Usually when places are too big or awkwardly shaped or maybe just not as polished, they tend to have really poor sound quality inside, but this place was just great. You could feel each thump of the bass as it drummed out your heartbeat throughout each track. I even loved how I could feel it through my feet a little…or maybe that was a result of me and everyone else around me jumping around and dancing the entire night away. Also, there are very few DJs who actually get into their set and dance with you as if they really are pouring their entire soul and being into the moment and each track. Luckily, Parrish is one of those few and because of his high energy it made me that much into it as my energy was weening at around 2am. Also it helped that DJ Trus’me opened for him upstairs and Nightcrawler had the downstairs on lock the entire night. It was a win-win situation no matter what part of the place you decided to spend your entire night. An overall great night and honestly, I am really quite excited with how my spring/summer of 2010 is starting off thus far.

So go check out Parrish’s music here and  stay tuned and keep checking back for more posts and few announcements along the way with where I am taking SHADE and what other new projects I am cooking up.


Mark De Clive-Lowe

I came across Mark De Clive-Lowe while perusing the Red Bull Music Academy site searching for electronica music folks and I have been so far pleasantly surprised and happy. Mark is a half-Japanese half-New Zealander musician/producer who has created his own nitche by incorporating a more jazz/funk sound to traditional electronica beats. He has collaborated with an array of up and coming artists such as Rahel and Ceu . He is definitely someone to keep a watchful eye on so please definitely go check out his music here.



First came across this artist off of Lastfm….which I’ve started using because imeem sucks at life and has decided to link up with myspace. And I put La Roux in and it led me to discover so many deliciously exciting artists. One of which was Ladyhawke. The name alone was intriguing but then I listened to her music and decided she was one artist I’d keep up on from now on. So here is few videos of hers you should check so you see what I am talking about and let me know what you think!

My Delirium

Paris is Burning


Hate it? Love it? Indifferent? Let me know what you think!