She’s more than just a do


Sheek. Sophisticated. Grounded.Educated.Poised. All words I have read and heard used countless number of times to describe our First Lady, Mrs. Michelle Obama. and she is fully deserving of all those descriptions, however I want people to say more about her and her work as First Lady when all is said and done.

Anytime I look to read anything about her, the focus of the piece is always on her appearance and demeanor, and then there will be small reference to the actual work and purpose behind what she was doing. She recently got a new hair-do and its been all over the news…but It did not mention where she was or what she was doing when that picture was taken. Earlier in the year, when she went with several Senator’s wives and Mrs. Biden included, to give out food to underprivileged people, all the media focused on was her shoes. Her fucking shoes. Why they cost so much and who was paying for it.

I want to question why the media has not ventured deeper into understanding our First Lady. I feel that its important to veer away from the fashion, looks, hair-dos, accessories and start to focus in on the actual work she has been doing prior to become First Lady and her first couple months holding that title. I find it is starting to get absurd that every time Michelle is conducting a social project, whether that be planting a garden on the White House lawn, or giving out food to the underprivileged or even visiting the Vatican alongside her husband, all the attention only goes to her attire and appearance. Most times comments are positive and a few times not so much. The point is, I want people to adore her just as much as I do for not just her great style and poise but also for what she is actually doing as The First Lady. I do not want another Jackio-O reference made. Yes, yes I get it Jackie was sheek and the epitome of a lady, but what did she actually DO thats remembered even now? I personally cannot think of one thing. Quite frankly, I did not even know she was a college-educated woman until I saw a dorm named after her on my GWU campus. In all fairness, I am sure she was an accomplished woman but at the end of the day the only thing that is remembered about her is her classic fashion style and her prominent husbands. I want more for a First Lady. I definitely want more for this First Lady. I want her to be placed in same category as Eleanor Roosevelt and Hillary Clinton. Strong, highly educated, opinionated and passionate women who are actually remembered as such. The parties, the galas, the personalized designer duds are all great and well-deserved but there just has to be more…substance, gusto, initiating & creating.

Don’t get it twisted, I am in no way criticizing her. I love her! I think she is great. What I am asking is that her team reevaluate what sort of legacy they want to leave surrounding her name and this presidency. I do not want another typical First Lady who is only seen throwing parties, schmoozing with foreign dignitaries, and donning latest styles. At same time, I do not want a quiet White House closed off from rest of world, as we have seen from the last presidency. All I am asking is that the media and her team emphasize her work whether that be visiting a school, giving a speech to soldiers, or lending a helping hand at local shelter.

Quite frankly, I feel like she is being muted. On so many levels. Most of you may not agree with me, few may, but I am just shedding light on this trend I am noticing going on in the media and perhaps done intentionally so by her team of people around her.  I feel that its okay now to let her speak up and let her be more vocal about more issues besides what I consider “safe topics” such as family, health and education. I feel that talking about what she is wearing and her different looks is great and should be done. But that is not all to her legacy. I refuse to let it be just that.

So I will remain hopeful that there will come a turning point in which news of her philanthropic work and educated views and opinions about various matters will outshine and precede talks of her glamour and style choices.


2 responses to “She’s more than just a do

  1. Thank you so much for this post. I feel the same way.

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