Sonic Goodies: Singles Awareness Day Mixtape

There is an awful lot of people making an awful lot of money off of a superstitious holiday in February that we all have come to call Valentine’s Day. I sound a bit cold and cynical but let’s be real, you spend an absurd amount of  your hard earned money on impressing your significant other and reassuring them they matter to you…or well some of you do…and let’s be real, you probably should have been doing that all along. And for the rest, it’s become a day where the whole world feels the need to remind you that you’re single, but also that maybe you should be upset about it..and for those in this group it’s really become Singles Awareness Day. So in honor and also as a way of say a big F-U (…literally when you see the album artwork!) to the holiday by celebrating your singledom, Modi of DCtoBC has put together their annual S.A.D. mixtape containing 31 of the smoothest tracks covering all the aspects of love, infatuation and heartache.

Download Here!

Also, Rock Creek Social Club is throwing their usual Tuesday party at Recess in DC but extending the holiday and making it a Singles Awareness Day Party. If you’ve ever been to this weekly Tuesday party then you know how much fun it is, but I have a feeling this Tuesday will definitely be one not to miss!



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