1. Buke and Gass

I heard the song Page Break (see below) and instantly knew they needed to make this month’s list. It sounded very much similar to the White Stripes but lighter on the guitars and softer vocals. Check out the video:



He is DJ who started out at the young age of 13 in Montreal and has built quite the fanbase even among other music artists such as Kanye West. In addition, music seems to run his blood as he is the younger brother of one of the members of Chromeo. Check out this new track with him feat. CyHI da Prynce called Ray Ban Vision:


3. The Sleepy Jackson

This alternative pop-rock band from Australia has been around since the late 90s but it wasn’t until they released their 2003 album called Lovers that they received international attention. They followed that album in 2006 with, Personality-One was a Spider, One was a Bird . Since then they have undergone a few changes within the band but they are still pushing ahead. Check out their site here for more info on future projects with the band. Also, check out their song, I understand  what you want but don’t agree :


4.Sufjan Stevens

Stevens is a singer-songwriter hailing from Detroit, Michigan. He is truly eclectic in all sense of the word in that he has done numerous songs ranging from folk to electronica to jazz. He just wrapped up a tour in  November showcasing all his new material from his latest album, The Age of Adz. Check out a song from that album here:


5. Jason Moran

Moran is a jazz pianist and composer who has studied piano and jazz since he was a very young adolescent. He has won several awards over the years and featured on several other notable artists works, such as Cassandra Wilson and Ravi Coltrane. Check out his song, I’ll play the blues for you:


6. Bell Orchestre

This is a six-piece instrumental band from Montreal. Several of the members are affiliated with few other music groups, one of which is Arcade Fire. Check out their song Elephants:



He is a hip/hop experimental artist from the UK. I first heard of him when I was listening to a song he did with Micachu, who is a singer-songwriter from the UK, called Morning. Check out that song and more of his music here.


8. Yelle

I came across this band’s music via Kitsune‘s compilation cds, (which by the way, you all should keep up with their fresh fashion/music label). This French band got quite popular in 2005 due to the myspace release of their song Veux Te Voir. They are currently working on their second album called Safari Disco Club to be released in March 2011. Check out their music here.


Hope you enjoyed the this month’s edition of THE ECLECTIC EIGHT!



2 responses to “THIRD MONDAYS-DECEMBER 2010

  1. Good look on the Sleepy Jackson. Tell me you’re familiar with Luke Steele’s other project…Empire of the Sun??

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