I heard of Katie Stelmanis via The Fader and her song The Beat and the Pulse. She is a classically-trained Toronto-based musician. Check out her music here.


2. Vanessa Da Mata

Lately I  have been developing routine of listening to jazz and/or classical music so I was fortunate enough to listen to her via lastfm because of that. Although she sings in Portuguese, her voice is captivating enough to make you sit through any song of hers, even you have no idea what she may be saying. Check out her music here.


3. David E Beats

I came across David’s video with White House Band called Bond Song and knew instantly he had to make this month’s list. Also as it turns out he just was in the DMV this past weekend for Rap Rocks DC event.



This young UK alternative hip/hop artist and producer has been working quite hard to develop a solid fanbase and reach across Europe and now setting his eyes on the States. He has a new EP called, Eye Paint Words, that just came out, that you can download here. Check out more of his music here.


5.Hisham Bharoocha

He is a visual artist, photographer and a musician. He initially started his music career with the group Black Dice but then went on to doing his own project called Soft Circles than released his first official album last year under Post Present Medium (PPM) label. Check out his music here.



She is a UK experimental soul singer. She has solid production and vocals on her recent album, Turn that light out. Take a listen for yourself here.


7.Jack Cheshire

Cheshire is an English folk singer of songs with intricate lyrics and psychedelic production. He just released an album called, Allow it to Come On. Take a listen to a few of the tracks for yourself here then do yourself a favor and go and buy the album!


8.James Yuill

Yuill is a UK electro folk singer. He is a one-man band signed to the Moshi Moshi record label. His first album, Turning Down Water for Air was released in late 2008 and has since released several singles and working on a follow-up album. Check out his music here.


Hope you enjoyed this month’s edition of THE ECLECTIC EIGHT.



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