THIRD MONDAYS-August Edition

The Eclectic Eight


I came across this UK band’s video “Keep an Open Mind” and loved it so much I knew that I wanted to definitely include it in this month’s The Eclectic Eight. Check out the video below and make sure you go and listen to more of their music here.


2)Jessica Six

I came across this group while looking up Nomi, who happens to be the lead and singer of this dance trio. Check out their video for the their song, Fun Girl, below and if you want to hear more of their music go here.


3) Anthony Hegarty

I came across Anthony while perusing The Fader and heard this track below called, Thank you for your love, off of his new album, Swanlights. I love the way he sings on the song and the dramatic nature of the record. Imagine a dark moodier version of Boy George. Make sure you check out more of his and his band’s, Anthony and the Johnsons, work here.


4)Hiro Kone

I came across this duo and took a listen specifically to their song, (((((•))))) original natives version by Hiro Kone. This specific song has a psychedelic ethnic dance sound to it that will really have you in a trance.  Check out the track above as well as her other music here.



First thing that comes to mind is The Beatles. Definitely a more grungier looking version but the sound and songs remind me of The Beatles, and that accent doesn’t help either. Check out their video for You & Me below and for more of their music go here.



This group was formed in Vancouver in 1996 and since then, has developed their own sound and fan base with about 11 albums under their belt. Their music has been showcased in some of the top fashion houses. They had a sound that made me think of Donna Summers meets David Bowie. Check out one of their more famous songs, Digtial Versiculor, below and more of their music here.



This trio hails from Portland formed in 2002 and signed to Italians Do It Better label five years later. Since formation and up until now they have released about three albums and reportedly working on releasing their fourth.  Check out more of their music here.



She is a New Jersey-born but Atlanta-based experimental soul artist. She has been releasing music for over a decade now and is slowing gaining  a strong following over those years. Check out more of her work here.


I hope you enjoyed this month’s edition of The Eclectic Eight. Make sure you support all of these artists !


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