Red Directors

Meet the Red Directors.Since 2004, this indie band, formed in New York and still currently based in Brooklyn, has been creating quite the strong following all along the east coast. Over the years, the band has released four albums and now currently pushing their fifth album, Wave It In.  Off of their new album, Wave It In, the current new single is Naked in the Kitchen. When I heard this specific song it reminded me of the type of music I’d expect to hear on a film soundtrack, an indie or even coming-of-age comedy of sorts.  Also their  vocals sound very Beach Boys-esque in the way they are harmonizing and floating on top of the instrumentals. The band’s sound is a mixture of rock, pop, and punk; similar bands that come to mind would be The Kooks and Vampire Weekend.

Here are a few tracks off of the new album, specifically their new single, Naked in the Kitchen and one of my album favs, After Sunday, for you to take a listen to for yourself:

Naked in the Kitchen

After Sunday

Also, make sure to go check out the Red Directors site, read more about the band and take a listen to a few of their other albums. Drop me a note below and let me know what you think!



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