David Aubrey




Goorin Brothers




Greedy Genius


Hysteric Glamour



Hell’s Kitchen A web-based magazine in french with edgy thematic covers, images and lengthy articles. They put them out on a more sporadic level. Besides covering the usual scene of fashion and arts, they also give you free mixtapes right on their website.

Honeyee This is a web-based magazine that covers Japanese fashion, music and art culture. The only downside? It’s all in Japanese. However, the site has a decent balance of visuals and you can still get put on to different designs and designers that have not yet garnered enough attention here in the states.


Tokyo Fashion I came across this site while doing some fashion research and was knew instantly it needed to be added to this month’s THE LIST. Japan is always sooo fashion forward and avantgarde with just about everything, even if it is not fashion-related. This is a good site to just see what the latest trends, influences, and fledgling designers.

Hope you learned about a new label and will go support these various designers, publications and sites.

Till next time,



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