The Grateful 5


Several months ago I started a new routine of listing out 5 really basic things I am grateful for in my life at the moment. I started doing it on my various social network accounts and finally now I want to keep it up and share it with everyone by doing it here on SHADE.

The list can really be comprised of anything you wish it to be and the purpose is to really have us all, especially at the end of a rough week and/or month to reflect on the positive aspects of our lives or just in life in general, especially when it seems too difficult to do so. So I’ll start with mine and I hope you’ll join me from now on with sharing your grateful 5.

1) My mustard seed.

2)  My President is black..educated…highly qualified…and doing the best he can. Sometimes I forget…then I see him in the post, with the Russian President eating a burger and I smile. And then I see the First Lady fighting obesity. And I smile even more.

3) Michael Jackson. 

4) Finally understanding and knowing how to build chords.

5) Photographs. They document the things we can’t remember and maybe the things we don’t want to remember. They are our fossils in a way; proof that we existed, had moments and how we were at a very specific moment in time.

So, what’s your Grateful 5?



5 responses to “The Grateful 5

  1. Exhausted, cranky, and stressed, I just read your post and remembered why I rose from bed this morning.

    I am grateful for:

    1. Words. (written, sung, spoken, heard, expressed, experienced, felt, and understood).

    2. Warm weather. (Maybe not this hot but still).

    3.Friends who anticipate my call, check in when they don’t get it, and offer me support and unconditional love.

    4. Family. For real.

    5. Music. Although I can’t make it I can live it, drink it, savor it, and feel it.

    • I feel you. Glad you took a moment though to reflect. It helps especially on days like today when things don’t get off to a great start.

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  3. Hey Selamawit!

    Thanks for doing this and encouraging others to reflect on areas in life that bring fulfillment and gratitude. Being thankful in all situations is something that I strive for and embody in my child. So, I’ll start with what I am thankful for at this moment in time.

    1.) Mistakes – which are the cornerstone for lessons learned and often times prevent the same ones from recurring (well hopefully!). More importantly, the foundation for our experiences in life.

    2.) The road not taken – often times I’ve prayed and have hoped for things that just were not in the stars for me. Reflecting back, I am thankful that these things never came to fruition.

    3.) The fruits of my labor as I see them in my child.

    4.) My faith – without it I am nothing.

    5.) My mother – she is everything to me and the best example of what it means to uphold and live by virtuous morals and values.

    • shademagazine

      Tammy! Thanks so much for taking the time to share your grateful 5. I definitely agree with you on just about all of them. Sometimes we really do have to do this to reflect and give thanks especially when things seem so hectic.

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