The Kills . I honestly don’t remember how I came across them but doesn’t matter. I heard the song, Black Balloon and I instantly loved it. They are a band comprised of American singer/guitarist Alison Mosshart and British guitarist Jamie Hince. After their own stints with other bands, they came together in 2000 and have had 3 albums and working on the fourth for last couple of months. Check out this video for Black Balloon…it does get a bit gory near the end but just listen to the song, I promise you won’t be disappointed.


Jakob Dylan

He isn’t a new guy at all to the music scene. For one, not sure if you remember but, he was the lead in the band Wallflowers and secondly, he is Bob Dylan‘s son. I mean….need I say more? He’s got those same mysterious eyes and ruggedly soulful voice like his father. However, that seems to be only things they have in common. Dare I say it, Jakob has a more “pop-ish” feel to his music and although his latest effort is distinctly country and folk sounding, it still feels a bit pop. Does that make any sense? Take a listen for yourself here and let me know what you think.


Paper Tongues

This band formed in North Carolina, after hustling their way over to California, a chance encounter with Randy Jackson led to an actual recording contract and since then they have opened for a number of other big bands. Billboard currently lists their album as the number #1 on the heatseekers albums list (which is pretty big deal for a new band!). Go check out their music here.



While doing my usual music hunting I came across this band called Snowden. They are an indie rock band based out of Atlanta and have been  making music since 2003. They managed to get signed to Jade Tree Records in 2006 but left just two years later. Just last month they released a new EP called Slow Soft Syrupy and expect to release the full length version later in the year. Check out their music here.


The Black Angels

The title alone should give you a hint to the dark psychedelic sound their music may have and certainly does. I don’t know if I would listen to them allllll the time, but enough to list them on here especially because their music will remind you of some Pink Floyd and Jimi Hendrix. Honestly, I also think that although the lead vocal does a great job, the band instrumentation is so good that I would definitely buy just an instrumental of their music. Go check out their music here


The Ettes

When I first hit play on one of their songs No Home, I heard the heavy bass, drums and electric guitar and was sucked in but then the female lead vocals makes you think its some 50’s/60’s girl group and somehow it works. They sound very similar to the White Stripes but as if only homegirl sang and not Jack (sorry I can’t think of her name now!). I like it and I think you’ll like it too so give them a listen here.


Monsters of Folk

This band I came across while listening to someone else on lastfm…funny how you start out with one thing and leads you to completely different direction. Anywho, this band is a supergroup of sorts that was created in 2004. It’s comprised of M.Ward of She & Him, Jim James of My Morning Jacket and Conner Oberst and Mike Mogis of Bright Eyes. I heard their song Baby Boomer and really enjoyed and after doing some research on them felt they definitely needed to make this month’s list. How often do you even hear of group members of very different bands joining together to do something really different and interesting? Not that often, or rather it doesn’t work out as well as expected all the time. Check out their music here for yourself.



While ago I went to borders to buy a music book and some cds and I came across this album. I took a listen and was surprisingly happy. The cover of the album made me think it would be a much more moody and dark album but it wasn’t at all really. It kind of reminded me of The Shins. I enjoyed few of the tracks I did manage to listen to and I think you will to. Take  a listen for yourself here.


Hope you liked this edition of THE ECLECTIC EIGHT. Feel free to leave a comment below and let me know what you think!



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