Ya didn’t think I forgot about my Producer Series did ya? Well meet Cassius. Comprised of french producers Hubert Blanc-Francard and Philippe Cerboneschi, also known by their other aliases, Phillipe Zdar and Boom Bass. They have been in music industry since 1988; initially started their careers by working on other musicians then in 1996 released some of their own music and haven’t stopped since. They did something that not many artists did at the time or rather don’t really do too often: they gave their fans and peers an a capella version of their single “Toop Toop” off their 15 again album in 2006 and allowed everyone the opportunity to remix it themselves. So far the project has still been going on and since 2006, they have received more than 500 remixes and counting. They even made it its own little project where all the unknowns and knowns get to work their magic on same track and share it with the rest of the world. Check it out here.

Yes yes I know what you are thinking…another house/techno artist post? Yes Yes I know, but guess what, this genre has had some serious longevity and underrated talent and I really don’t feel its embraced enough here in the states, except for the few rare groups who break through like Daft Punk .

In case you didn’t realize already, that’s the point of this site, to expose you to something different and unexpected.

So take a look at Cassius videos for their song 1999 and Feeling for You. Make sure you hit up their personal site here and give their work a good listen.


2 responses to “Cassius

  1. Oh, that’s nice. I like 1999.

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