Fleet Foxes

I really like folk music. I feel like we forget about that genre, among many others, many a times. There are some really beautiful folk singers and well-written songs. While doing some folk music hunting, ( I am actually looking for instrumentals…for free ideally…that I can DL but if it costs, I’d still get it, so if you know of where I can get one let me know!) Anyways, here is this indie folk band I came across called Fleet Foxes. They have beautiful voices, harmonizing all up and down this one song called Blue Ridge Mountains in the video below. They have plenty other songs and have had two albums released since 2006, describing their style as not just folk but more of ” baroque harmonic pop jams”. They are really quite good, play instruments, and with those angelic voices of theirs, definitely can’t lose. Take a look at this video for yourself:



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