If you are an indie designer or supporter of of indie fashion then I have found the site for you. You will be very very happy you read through what I am about to explain to you:

If you are a fashion fiend, like myself then you will understand how difficult it is sometimes to keep up with latest trends and not go broke! Also, you must understand how it feels to want to get your hands on new fresh designer’s works so that you can have that limited edition look, that dress that you know noooooot one person will likely have wherever you go…well I just learned of a site where you can not only learn and be up on all indie fashion designers but you can actually watch their progress and vote for them to actually have their lines produced and available to us all. Meet UsTrendy.

You may be a designer yourself, or have a friend who has some really great sketches or design ideas lying around but haven’t figured out where to showcase your work or rather how to…well this is the place for you. UsTrendy was started by one man, Sam Sisakhti, and his decision to provide a larger outlet, greater access and more mobility for many indie designers who deal with the frustrations and rigidness of the mainstream fashion industry. He also understand how important it was that the  site was not just for the designers, its also for buyers and fashion aficionados as well, because you get to browse through all the designers works and then be a part of the selection process for their works to get pushed ahead for actual production and promotion that UsTrendy provides to the designers. For instance, this past year, thanks to UsTrendy, one of the designers managed to get their own runway show at London Fashion Week!

So, again, here is the link to their site. If you are a true fashion junkie, this site should automatically be bookmarked and you should definitely take the time to visit and browse the 400,000+designs on there and do some voting while you’re at it!

Also, make sure you check out previous SIGHT posts on fashion on here and stay tuned for more!



3 responses to “UsTrendy

  1. i think the word you are looking for is fiend of fashion , feign mean to give fictional representation to….

  2. shademagazine

    lol ahh upon some research it appears you are indeed correct. thanks 🙂

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