Young Forever

I will admit BP3 is not my most favorite Jay-Z album but even an “ok” jay album would still top a large number of whatever these other mc’s are churning out these days. Perhaps it may be that I just didn’t “get it” with BP3 and may have to do a full re-listen later in life but for now, I can honestly say I thoroughly enjoy about 2-3 tracks on the album, maybe if that. This specific track I am writing about now is Young Forever with Mr. Hudson. Now initially I didn’t like the track. I tend to do what probably most listeners do…or maybe don’t? I listen to the first 30-90seconds when I first check out an album and if you dont have me hooked by then I skip…now that may mean I won’t listen to that specific song for a loooong time or I may get back to it after skimming all of them. Depends. In this case, I didn’t get to listen to the track until I was in the car this past weekend and it was playing on the radio. Once I heard Mr. Hudson singing and chanting the hook…well I was hooked. And the video is pretty nice; nothing too fancy, but it complements the song well on several levels. So take a look at the video. Consider this song number 2 on my tone songs for next 6 months.



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