Editor’s Note 03232010

Arguably, March is one of the biggest transitional periods of the year. Winter slithers back into its dark cave and we are sprayed with spring’s first breaths of life. There is a lot of growth, rain, and overall change, both good and bad. During this month we celebrate many things along with the season change, such as Women’s History.

Each year the National Women’s History Project chooses a theme for the March commemoration of women’s achievements and potential. This year it’s “Writing Women Back Into History” because, as the NWHP notes, “It often seems that the history of women is written in invisible ink. Even when recognized in their own times, women are frequently left out of the history books.”

That’s cool and definitely worthy of theme to explore, but I am not going with that this year. This is an arts and change mag so I want to start with my own theme that somehow combines the two and take it from there. Not necessarily picking a new theme, or one that I unfortunately have not been able to explore for the entirety of this month, but a great one to start with nonetheless: visionary women in the arts. So from now and until the 31st, I will be putting up various posts about different and innovative things women have done in the arts and media.

So stay tuned, check back here often and also while you are at it, take a look at all the other great posts on here about music, visual arts, fashion and social movements.

Over and out,



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