Theo Parrish

Theo Parrish is a house/electronica dj born in DC, grew up in Chicago and went on to make his name out in Detroit. He is currently signed to british indie label, Peacefrog Records, (same one as Little Dragon). The DMV was blessed with his presence this past weekend as part of the EightyEight DC‘s Forward Festival, a five-night electronic music events showcase here in the DMV. The spot was at the T&T up on Georgia Ave, a surprisingly spacious spot with two floors and really great sound when the music is thumping throughout the entire place. Usually when places are too big or awkwardly shaped or maybe just not as polished, they tend to have really poor sound quality inside, but this place was just great. You could feel each thump of the bass as it drummed out your heartbeat throughout each track. I even loved how I could feel it through my feet a little…or maybe that was a result of me and everyone else around me jumping around and dancing the entire night away. Also, there are very few DJs who actually get into their set and dance with you as if they really are pouring their entire soul and being into the moment and each track. Luckily, Parrish is one of those few and because of his high energy it made me that much into it as my energy was weening at around 2am. Also it helped that DJ Trus’me opened for him upstairs and Nightcrawler had the downstairs on lock the entire night. It was a win-win situation no matter what part of the place you decided to spend your entire night. An overall great night and honestly, I am really quite excited with how my spring/summer of 2010 is starting off thus far.

So go check out Parrish’s music here and  stay tuned and keep checking back for more posts and few announcements along the way with where I am taking SHADE and what other new projects I am cooking up.



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