SOUND: Strong Will Continue

The Distant Relatives project has been releasing tracks little by little recently and so far I gotta say I’m surprisingly content. Sometimes these types of big collaborations are a hit or miss, there is no in between. At the NatGeo event I talked about back in December was a success and they had performed this song at the afterparty and at the time there was wayyyy too much going on to fully enjoy it and rehearing it now makes me definitely want to make sure to BUY it (yes I know this is quite a foreign concept to some of you, but I have decided I will buy albums from now on…not many…but the few worth it will get my financial support) The album is dropping on 4/20…no surprise there. I came across this track, Strong Will Continue off NahRight and I am so glad I did. So check out this track, Strong Will Continue, and let me know whatcha think!

Nas & Damian Marley- Strong Will Continue

Also, If you want to hear the track that was released prior to this one here’s the link for it as well. You won’t be disappointed!

Nas & Damian Marley- As We Enter



2 responses to “SOUND: Strong Will Continue

  1. how was it? i wanted to hear some of this album

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