Editor’s Note: BHM 2010

Happy Black History Month!

Each year as February commences we reflect and acknowledge all this great history and in the midst of that, we attempt to make our own, or rather, find tangible modern-day people and topics to acknowledge which have contributed in small and large ways toward modern-day black history.This year the theme is “The History of Black Economic Empowerment” which is a great theme and one that you will see covered on here; however this time I want to begin a discourse….through various mediums….about what black history month means to me…and you. As the years pass by the meaning changes for each individual, there arises not only a continental variance but also a generational and economic variance; which all contribute to how we identify ourselves as people of color and what black history means to us and how we all celebrate each February. So I want to attempt to cover those topics in different ways for the remainder of the month. There will be interviews, Art Picks, Special Edition of Third Mondays and THE LIST, social commentary pieces, events and lastly editorials. So, yes, expect that in honor of this month, I’ll definitely be posting up all things beautiful, interesting, historic and black. Also, like I noted I will be touching on few topics/ideas that I think are worth discussing and taking note of so stay tuned. Check back here frequently for there will be numerous posts and leave me your comments because I definitely want to hear what you think, what you dislike/like and also what does Black History Month mean to you.


3 responses to “Editor’s Note: BHM 2010

  1. It means they threw us some crumbs, the smallest month of the year…its white history all year, every textbook history book and all we get is a month…

  2. my fav is George washington carver, peanut magician…

  3. pretty valid point and im sure others would agree with you on both comments. I just want to get dialogue going and see what this month means to everyone and take it from there.

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