Jim Jonsins

Jim Jonsins

Who? Yes, Jim Jonsins. The man behind TI’s Whatever you like, Lil Wayne’s Lollipop and Souljah Boi’s Kiss me thru the phone. The Miami-native has been making beats for hip-hop and r&b artists for quite some time now. With the big success he has experienced as of late with just a few of the aforementioned songs, he is already got a few projects in the works, Jlo’s upcoming album to name just one. Check out more about him here. Also check out these videos to get a glimpse into his story and how he works:




2 responses to “Jim Jonsins

  1. I dislike lil wayne with a passion…since foreeveeeeeer he is Garbage…but that beat for SOuljah boy song is tight, and i guess DUDE DOes make good beats, he can’t help if the rappers are shitty rapping on his stuff if they pay him.

    • haha yea wayne is fun and i like some of his stuff. but i get what ur saying. im sure buncha folks would agree. and yea ive just been looking at songs I like and wondering who are the masterminds behind them.

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