Corinne’s The Sea

Corinne Bailey Rae is back. I liked her when she first came out few years ago but this time I have become even more of a fan. She is trying out different sounds this time which is why I am falling in love with this album. The first time she was more folky-pop and clean with the tracks but this time you can hear there is more production and instrumentation which is good progression for her to take her music towards.The lyrics are just as sweet and genuine as her first go around but I think what differentiates this from last time is that it isn’t just her and the guitar anymore and the stories are more soulful and speak of a wistful kind of love. Make sure you  check out her new album, The Sea. Also, make sure you go visit her official site here.



2 responses to “Corinne’s The Sea

  1. I made sure to visit her official site just like you said to do.

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