What started out as just a joke has turned into a growing entrepreneurial dream turned enterprise. The designer had a dream, the gift of drawing and the tenacity and will to manifest her ideas. She started off by designing high-end pieces and over time began to branch out and test her skills by actually making the jewelry herself. This resulted in the creation of a second line, in spring 2009, of custom-made jewelry pieces called ARIIEL. You may ask yourself, so what does “Ariiel” mean? It means, Light or Lion of God. The designer  says she selected this name, “merely for the projects’ inconceivable intention that may position it and others ahead, by becoming the guiding light!” 

After a small sit-down with the designer, I asked her few questions about ARIIEL’s story, her inspiration and where her love for jewelry came from. Here’s what she said:

What sparked your initial desire to make art with metals and semi-precious gems?

Growing up, art was my favorite subject and still is to date; I remember cutting flowers and holding them in-between my fingers or against my earlobes and treating them like my jewelries or drawing, painting and creating things whether it was to create a piano out of cardboard box or sitting in a garden and painting a portrait of the scenery; I did it all!!  These were the hours that I retreated from reality and simultaneously these were the days that I began to cultivate and strengthen my GOD given talent and began to weave it with my favorite fashion accessory, Jewelry!!

How do your designs begin?

For ARIIEL: I shape them! And everything is based on my instinct.  It’s important that each piece has its own identity and not meet the status quo,  for the most part with respect to the classic signature-look of pearl necklaces.  Only in the case of pearl necklaces, I bend the rule because; it allows me to relate to some of my favorite actresses like Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelly who covered the front pages of countless magazines. Overall, my inspiration comes from a combination of things including nature, music and my surroundings together, gives birth to a vision and the jewelry evolves!

Which is more powerful in your work: materials effect imagination or vice versa?

I must say, the materials effect on my imagination have more power; just seeing it come to life itself brings joy to my heart and possesses power on its own not to mention, the jewelry’s color and degree of shimmer.

Who are the different types of women you envision wearing your pieces?

I would envision a woman, who is mysterious yet free spirited who embraces her own identity and style with a passion and confidence. To me, no one should be alike and everyone should have identity because each is special in her own ways!

What or who is your muse?

My imagination allows me to envision the piece before it’s made, and as such in my head is where the muse is located…because at times there have been items that I withdrew from a collection simply because, it didn’t stand out enough or whatever the reason might be in my mental picture.

What sets you apart?

ARIIEL’s identity/brand combined with my dream.

Lastly, is there something that feeds your creativity?

It would definitely be nature combined with my artistic visions which in turn  feed my creativity.

The following images below are just a few of the great pieces ARIIEL has to offer. At the bottom you will find the contact information you need should you want to inquire further!


All the pieces within this line are pretty affordable and are definitely unique in design and finish. Each jewelry is a perfect complementary piece for any look of the day or evening. For more information, contact:



2 responses to “ARIIEL

  1. this jewelry is really dope. I don’t really like jewelry too much but this is art for real! Way to go person—Ariiel is a dope line I’ll be sure to mention if anyone asks about finding nice pieces

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