The Producer Series: Max Martin


Think of every single pop song you could have liked in the late 90’s, early-00’s..and even now really….well Max Martin is the man behind if not all, definitely most of them.

Yet another swede, I said this before in an older post, that I’m convinced nothing bad comes from Sweden. Max Martin grew up in the suburbs of Stockholm, joined a glam-style metal band, landed a deal with Cheiron Records and under the mentorship of famous producer/writer Dennis PoP, he went on to become a world-renowned professional producer/songwriter.  I would list all the songs he has worked on but it really would be literally almost like a 100 songs and counting. So check out the following video out and read off this list when you are done for his full credits list.

Sidenote, you should check out these great BBC video on pop music, with an interview by Max Martin himself:




3 responses to “The Producer Series: Max Martin

  1. So thats who we have to get rid of to listen to good music? lol

  2. okay so i probably heard them when i was a kid, and i guess it was catchy, so you got me.

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