Soulshock & Karlin


After having an argument with a friend of mine about who is/are the top producer(s) out right now….I decided dammit, it’d couldn’t just be a toss between Neptunes and Kanye.Or for that matter any of the other producer/artists we know and love such as JD, Timbaland, Swizz or Dr.Dre. There has to be others who really stay true to just producing and make a million number one songs and dumb amounts of money, all the while remaining under the radar…similar to that of Quincy Jones.

So with all that being said, I think I may start a producer series. Since these days, it appears they are starting to intrigue me more so than the actual artists themselves. Here is another duo, Danish, heavy on the r&b side but have pretty solid resume, by the name of Soulshock & Karlin. They have worked with everyone from Whitney Houston, Monica to Jojo, Seal and K’naan. Read up on them some more here.

Here are some of the songs these guys have worked on in the past. I think they are worth keeping tabs on and really just acknowledging the great work they have done in the best and will likely continue to do:

***sidestory on the last video. That album was the first cassette tape I ever owned. I playyyyyyed the heck out of it too!

I shared a lot of their older stuff, but new projects are definitely in the works for this duo. I’ll post them over time.



3 responses to “Soulshock & Karlin

  1. What about Zaethoven….How can you only mention these dudes, Zaethoven has all the hottest beats and produces for GUCCI MANE and a lot of other artists including OJ DA JUICE, and Shawty Lo.

  2. what about SHAWTY REDD?

  3. lol yikes.hold on now. im not saying these guys are the best. i’ll be talking about more folks along the way. I just wanted to start off by highlighting people that are more under the radar than others. And more importantly who are more diverse. guys you listed so just stay tuned…

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