Came across this duo when I was listening to remixes of different songs, most recently it was I Decided by Solange Knowles (who by the way had a really great album).I thought to myself, how in the world was it I had never heard of these guys or at least not known of them prior…well turns out I had…unknowingly. These two English producers came together. Formed a dance band. Decided to also on the side remix just about every top pop artist’s album you could think of…i.e. Beyonce, Kylie Minogue, Tina Turner, Faith Evans and more. They have released few of their own albums in the past and word is they have a new one slated to be released this year. Unsurprisingly, they have a stronger following overseas but I think overtime they will win over more American listeners.

Just to give you an idea of their sound and previous work they have done, check out these videos (few of them you are probably familiar with already):

remember this??

Okay that should be good for now. When their new stuff surfaces, I’ll make sure to share.


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