During my really bad insominac nights, one particular evening I came across this tv show episode at VBS (Vice Mag’s TV site) about a new music genre and culture that was growing and developing in UK. England already has grime, which in case you don’t know what that is, it is basically hip/hop, techno/house and dancehall mashed up onto one. It’s fuckn great. But DONK? wow that’s, in my opinion, wayyyy more funkier and edgier. With Donk, it has a heavier emphasis on techno/dance music but still has hip-hop and its more about this growing culture of young adolescents of meager backgrounds in the UK.

Now a lot of folks will be turned off by this and won’t understand the science behind this genre of music, and that’s okay but before you X out jusssst yet. Please at least watch a snippet of VBS’s episode on it (refer to link above) and see that there is more to this music than just loud noise and a lotta addias suits.

Here are a few vids worth checking out as well:

Blackout Crew – Put A Donk On It – Out Now

Blackout Vs Overdose! Wicked Tune. Mc Viper –

Hope you learned something new and check back in for more new finds.



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  1. LOL…

  2. Check this Symbolism webite out

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