The Eclectic Eight

This list is more on the rock, emo, pop side. Check them all out and let me know what you think!


45771air 1) AIR – “Sexy Boy” This group has been around since 1998. I’m mad I’m just now hearing about them. But better late than never. They are french, they use synthesizers and they got fun lyrics. This song is off their Moon Safari album that came out in 1998. A remixed version of same album was released in 2008. You can listen to that here



2) Coconut RecordsNighttiming Whose behind this project? Ever heard of Actor Jason Schwartzman? (part of Coppola-clan, was in several Wes Anderson flicks such as The Darjeerling Limited and Rushmore…among many other films) Well, he has apparently been dabbling in music for years, even has his own indie record label. This 2007 album was his first under this band name. This is a pretty moody and wistful album but hopeful…Like how you feel when you just start liking someone and you are both running toward that cliff in pseudo-agreement, but you aren’t sure if its good idea…but you are excited by it all so you decide..yea yea yea..I’m going to  jump the cliff and so you do..then you look over and see…i’m the only one who jumped! then BOOM you slam head first into the crashing waves. yup, that’s what this album is like. (perhaps that description was a bit of an exaggeration…but listen and you’ll see).



3) The EthiopiansEverything Crash: The Best of the Ethiopians Yea I know you are thinking…of course she’d add this group named after her peoples…nope.not even really. Just came across it while looking for Ethiopian music. Besides they are Jamaicans. But I guess that doesn’t really matter in the grander scheme of things, as one friend reminded me We all are the people of Kush. The band does 1960-70’s ska; Listening to them makes you wish you had a guaro y fresca in your hand (yea I’m nostalgic for my Costa Rica days.) while you danced the night away with everyone you loved and knew, in an open veranda steps away from the Caribbean Sea. See it? Yea, now play the songs.



4) The Black Keys Attack & Release These two Ohio boys are really onto something. Trippy, folksy, rock-n-roll, 70s-ish…but more. Led Zepplin meets White Stripes meets…The Roots? Look, you just gotta listen to see what I mean. The album has songs about men dealing with crazy bitches, being love-sick, cold-hearted, down-trodden and on-top of the world.Initially, it may sound a bit depressing and confusing but it makes me wanna have a good ass night. The album’s got a pretty good build. Sounds like  it could be a really great soundtrack too. They have caught alotta folks attention from all different genres…even from couple hip-hop heads. So much so, there’s a huge project in the works, with the likes of Q-tip, Mos Def, Jim Jones, Pharoach Monch, Raekwon and more involved. If all goes right, I feel like this project could be just as exciting as when Run-DMC and Aerosmith collaborated back in the day. Yes, I am going out on a limb and saying that. These sortsa projects and artists make me excited about the direction the relationship hip-hop and rock-n-roll is going in..albeit tumultuous one at that…. Check out official site on the project:



5) Serge Gainsbourg – “Sea Sex and Sun” He may no longer be alive, but his music definitely is and will continue to do so. He’s french, he’s raunchy, speaks to you exclusively in french (for the most part) and his music epitomizes that early euro jazzy cafe music. Though I don’t understand what he is saying, I imagine a scene out of some foreign love triangle film. Sounds really odd I know, but I imagine scenes in my mind when I hear music.I like to try to visualize sound, if that makes any sense. I digress, you can and should listen to a nice compilation of his work here



6) Nico Vega “Nico Vega” Yes another rock group. Definitely on pop-side and the lead has quite a nice voice. Catchy songs. By the sound of her voice and the lyrics she does not sound like a woman to fuck with. Enjoy and tell me what you think!


phil-ade7) Phil Ade– Wow. I have seen mention of his name at various local events and have for some reason or another been unable to see him live. But after hearing his music I have realized, I really should have gone to see him. Confident, Fun, and Witty lyrics over some pretty nice beats. AND he’s a fellow DMVer. I doubt you will be disappointed. Check out his music here.


carolyn_malachi8)  Carolyn Malachi– The woman who started the Revenge of the Smart Chicks. Jazzy voice. Witty lyrics. AND from the DMV. Carolyn has been on mission to make smart chicks cooler than ever before. She’s been doing music and incorporated that into her community work by starting the Smart Chicks, Inc. After seeing her speak at hip/hop cinema event at the historical society several months ago, I realized this chick is onto something…definitely refreshing to say the least. Listen for yourself! She’s got new album that just came out too called Revenge of the Smart Chicks II: Ambitious Gods. Check out her music here.


I hope you enjoyed this month’s Third Mondays, 11/16: THE ECLECTIC EIGHT . Expect the unexpected each time. Also, I want to hear what you think!

One Last thing:


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