Third Mondays

The Eclectic Eight

Perhaps this is going to sound as though I am getting really ambitious, but it doesn’t hurt to try this out and then see how it goes.

So, every third Monday of the month, 8 different indie songs and/or artists will be brought to you on . Why 8? It’s my favorite number.  I will do my best to present you with an eclectic assortment of sounds that’ll hopefully please everyone who checks this out (along with the other great articles on here! If you are an artist yourself or know of someone(and/or a group) that should make the cut each time then let me know! ( 

1)  The Big Pink “Dominos”





2) The FiveOne Band “You were my friend”






3) Super Viral Brothers-Flu Shot Mixtape







4) The Very Best “Julia (Javelin Re-Do)”






5) Anjulie “Boom”







6) Cold War Kids “Hang me up to dry”






7) Nacey & Starks (of Nouveau Riche project) EP





 8) Cage the Elephant (Self-titled Album)







Hope you enjoyed each artist as much as I did. If you know of an artist and/or group that should be on this list, let me know! 



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