Ayo - Joyful - Front

 I love discovering new sounds. So when I came across Ayo, I knew I needed to share her music with as many people as I could. She is an Afro-German guitar-strumming, afro-funk/soul songstress. She has a slight accent and it makes her voice sound amazing over the reggae beats. Her lyrics are reminiscent of  a young Carly Simon: songs about womanhood, love and loss. Her debut album went double-platinum in Europe and then the album was released, via Interscope Records,  in 2007. Late 2008, she released her second album, Gravity at Last in France and embarked on a concert all throughout Europe.

I remember seeing this video not too long ago on MTV2 and thought oh another afro-centric, guitar-strumming, bluesy-sounding singer has come along…but she is completely different.She is that and more. Here’s an official video for song off her debut album:

Listen to Gravity at Last here: 




Gravity at Last by Ayo 



Hope you enjoy it as much as I did. Let me know what you think. More discoveries to come!


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