Nine months later


Is it really not  about race?

Its October. We are fully into 9 months of living under The Obama Presidency. Now that I have become a new citizen (yes I’ve lived here for almost two decades and I have waited till now to finally seal the deal.whatev.better late than never, right? right), I have become more comfortable with voicing my opinions, because well legally, they matter more, because I can friggin finally VOTE! YES!

I digress. The point is, I find it interesting and quite frankly treasonous that people are being outrightly dissrepectful of the President and his administration. This began before he got into office, when he was being sworn in, and even now 9months into it and he is being disrespected left and right. Hell, even Dubya didn’t get treated this bad….at least not during his first term, even after 9-11 and reports surfaced that the Bush administration knew and could have prevented it.

With Fox News and Rush Limbaugh at the wheel, as of late, it has seem to have gotten worse especially with the unheard of interjection by Senator Joe Wilson of South Carolina during President Obama’s  address to Congress. Everyone seems to be tip-toeing around the idea that it might be a race issue…even the President himself. Now I am not saying that anyone who opposes him is automatically racist but it seems as though most of the folks who have complaints, when it comes down to it, are just not happy with having a black man in office. Why are people still questioning his citizenship?  What presidency has had markers every 100 days? All the networks have been checking his status every 100 days to see how he is fairing…seriously? Its almost as if everyone is waiting for him to fuck up…just even once and then they are gonna say…”oh well you see, of course he would he’s black.” or rather , “you see we gave a black man a chance and he failed. we are never letting that happen again.”

And then good ol’ Jimmy Carter went on T.V. and laid it on the line. Now I didn’t like him before that day because of his unnecessary and damaging remarks during the Ethiopian 2005 Elections. But that’s a different topic for a different day. Here is what Jimmy said:

Now this was great. Just great. But what perplexed me was the President going on Letterman and being dismissive of …well the obvious.

Perhaps he and his advisors felt it wasn’t necessary to comment, but the way its looking, if he is facing this type of blatant disrespect and incivility towards him not just as a black man, but as a man in power, and as The President of the United States of America, then well how much worse is it going to get during the rest of his term. Now I am not saying all his policies are perfect, and noone should exercise their freedom of speech, but he cannot heal the world, he cannot in a day make both the ill and unemployed and insurance companies content with his health policy, he cannot fix the education system overnight, and still prevent Iran from attacking us or anyone else for that matter.

But he is for most part, sticking to his plans. He is covering the issues he said he would cover during his campaign run. He is doing everything. Arguably, perhaps, spreading himself a bit too thin, if you ask me. Maybe that is intentional, so he appears to be a well-rounded President and can do it all, or maybe it’s because as a person of color we are upheld to much higher standard and have to do double that of our white counter-parts in every aspect of life or maybe that’s just how he is: he really is that dude.

Whatever the case may be, give him and the administration a break. After the first two years, if nothing good has come from him being in power, than by all means go for it. Hell, maybe I’ll start complaining about him too. I am just asking  for once can we all just play fair. I don’t think that is too much to ask for. Sure many of us have been affected by the recession, inadequate healthcare options, the two wars, and everything else under the sun. But all these problems did not just show up overnight.They had been slowly growing and festering under the radar (least to the general public) for years now. And they surely are not going to just completely disappear easily tomorrow.

So as the all too common saying goes: you are either part of the problem or the solution. So let’s move forward.Let him do his job and be the President. Of course you must do your part as a citizen and voice your opinions and concerns, but offer alternatives if you don’t like something. Help the nation progress and get better. Anything less would only create more problems, and at this point, I think its pretty clear, we really don’t have time for anything less.



2 responses to “Nine months later

  1. I am never going to vote. Both sides of the argument are rigged and we are moving toward completion of globalization, corporations and one world order. but i like your articles they are interesting and insightful.

    • I’m glad you like the articles! I try to keep it diverse on here. As for not voting that’s not a good idea…your voice matters and it gets heard whether we may feel that way often or not.

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