Introducing: The List



I love fashion. Sounds like such a common statement. But it’s true. Fashion is definitely top 3 of worldly things that I truly love and actually get moved by. I actually get chills when I see an impeccably made dress or a stunning pair of heels. As a child I would alter my clothes, cutting up my shirts and bottoms, playing dress-up with my mother & sister’s clothes and shoes (until I couldn’t fit in them anymore!), and studying and obsessing over magazines. I was in there, back when the likes of Issac Mizarhi, Versace, Valentino, Carolina Herrera and Calvin Klein ruled the fashion world…and still do!  watch this

So I have always tried to keep up with different trends and realized…well…after a while it got to be really difficult to keep up. Trends, colors and materials are easy to keep up with, but these days names are coming in and out and the fashion industry has grown to mean more than just a dress and pair of pumps.

So I realized one thing I wish I had, was an extensive catalogue. A list that had names of labels that I had never heard of. And wished I had. So I decided I need to make that list. or at least start one. And add onto it as time went by. The comprehensive list I have been working on consists of labels, sites and magazines that I love and find fresh and I feel that you need to check out too.

Along the way, I studied different magazines, sites and shows and real-life people(I love seeing what people wear and how they create their looks!) and began jotting them down.

Over the course of next few months I will be building up to my extensive list. So to start off, here are the first batch:


Abirato AW_09-10_5AW_09-10_7AW_09-10_17

Addict 3650144412

Aem’Kei AEMKEI_0212

Andrea Crews 5-sprsum07_andreacrews_10_5-sprsum07_andreacrews_24_2-fallwint09_andreacrews_fw09-22

A.P.C. apcapcguys1

Atleier LaDurance Alogo_01Fv_01mpst_01



Vogue – the fashion holy book. practically collectibles.

Marie Claire – great articles on beauty, relationships and they always have social spin.In case, ya know, ya wanna save the world

Vanity Fair – great articles, signature covers

Harper’s Bazaar – extensive coverage of newest trends/styles in fashion

Elle – youthful and always covers hippest newest “it” people.

Time – stay up on the politics. interesting articles. signature covers.

Huffington Post– socio-politcal blogger’s heaven.

Reuters – stay up on world affairs…and anything else under sun. good writing & images.


Juxtapoz -the images alone gets you hooked. articles pretty good too.

W’AD – wow. just wow. this European urban fashion/lifestyle magazine is more like a book. crazy covers and images.

JPG -photographers heaven. and you can learn few things if you are starting out.

Arkitip – arts magazine & website. each magazine is a work of art itself. how fun.

BeingHunted – a blogger magazine. sounds odd huh? but it works.

Stay Tuned! The List will be updated every month. It will contain not only under-the-radar designers but also established fashion houses, various publications/sites and a few trend alerts.

Also, If you know of a label/line that should be included let me know!




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