Highly acclaimed Ethiopian director, Haile Gerima premieres his new feature film, Teza, this THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 17, 2009 at AVALON THEATER, 5612 CONNECTICUT AVE NW WASHINGTON, DC 20015.

What does Teza mean?

Teza is a word in Amharic language (national language of Ethiopia) referring to memory.

What is the film Teza about?

The film, Teza, is set in 1970s, under the militant-communist Derg regime, in Ethiopia, protagonist, Anberber,  after having gone to live in Germany for several years to escape the harsh realities of living under the Derg, returns to his native home of Ethiopia. The film documents his journey from leaving to returning to his native home and coming to the harsh realization that things had undoubtedly changed for better or worse. Director, Gerima uses Anberber’s story to introduce the overarching theme of displacement, memory and morality.

Here’s the Trailer:

Make sure to check out the film premiere THIS THURSDAY!

Special wrap-party to follow at LIV Nightclub-2001 11th Street NW (@ U Street) Washington, DC 20001.


If you would like more information about the film, director, cast, and premiere, please go to their official website: www.tezathemovie.com

***For those in local DMV area, If you would like to see and know more about Haile Gerima’s work and other prominent African-American filmmakers, please stop by Sankofa Bookstore & Cafe, located on 2714 Georgia Avenue.



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