EDITOR’S NOTE: A Year Later…

Things never go as we would like them. So let go, let flow.

Things never go as we would like them. So let go, let flow.

After much delay for a number of reasons, SHADE MAGAZINE is back. Few changes taking into effect:

  1. The site looks different. I had to make that move to wordpress. Sometimes keeping it simple from jump is best thing to do.
  2. Secondly, content is changing…for time being. It will still cover Social and Arts scene. So Shade will only cover Music, Visual Arts(fashion & art & related events) and Social issues. And will mainly focus on DMV area but I will be posting different pieces on current affairs and arts news of other areas in nation and world.
  3. Thirdly, most of the writing will be done by myself, Editor-in-Chief, Selamawit. So it will be more on the blogger side of things, BUT thats not to say that you should never see anything from other contributing writers. That’ll still be in effect, so take a look out for the other great contributors that will surface on this site from time to time.

I know you are thinking, Why should I bother reading anything here, right? Especially when there are other sites with ten million things to offer you. Well heres what I realize has been slacking on a lot of sites. Too much focus on the whats and whos but not nearly enough on the whys. I want you, as a soon-to-be faithful reader, to understand not only who and what you should be up on but why. So yes you are getting a subjective why but nonetheless its a why. And also I want you to walk away feeling like you learned something new and took something away from the site.

So I hope you will stay tuned. Keep reading. PLEASE LEAVE COMMENTS! I want to read your feedback! Also if you have a topic, music, or anything really you would like covered on here. EMAIL ME at editor.shademagazine@gmail.com



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